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  • Accuphase

    This was the idea behind the slogan "Enrich Life through Technology" which originally brought together the group of very highly skilled audio experts who conceived and today produce the successful Accuphase line of audio equipment. It is the guiding principle behind all Accuphase components whose high grade can be considered extravagant. Just as there are exquisite musical instruments that are especially highly prized, we believe that the same applies to audio components. This belief forms the basis of Accuphase design concept. It is the reason why Accuphase strive to build extra value into each of their units so that they will display fully the merits of hand construction.

  • Amina

    The Invisible Speaker Company Audio by design, experience through living.

  • Asus

    ASUS: Through the Years

    ASUS takes its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolises wisdom and knowledge. ASUS embodies the strength, purity, and adventurous spirit of this fantastic creature, and soars to new heights with each new product it creates.

    Taiwan’s Information Technology industry has grown enormously over the last few decades and the country is now a dominant force in the global market. ASUS has long been at the forefront of this growth and while the company started life as a humble motherboard manufacturer with just a handful of employees, it is now the leading technology company in Taiwan with over 12,500 employees worldwide. ASUS makes products in almost every area of Information Technology too, including PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones.

  • Atlas Cables

    Atlas Cables

    Atlas Cables - A highly successful, independent, UK-owned company.  Design and manufacture these products because they spent their lives in the hi-fi and audio visual industry and they’re still endlessly enthusiastic about it.

    With a couple of exceptions, all Atlas products are researched, designed and produced in East Ayrshire, Scotland. 

    Scotland has a long-established track record in specialist electronic design and manufacture for some of the world’s leading companies, which gives Atlas Cables access to an excellent, highly trained workforce.

Showing 1 - 4 of 31 items